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Food and Drug Administration

10903 New Hampshire Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20993


Principal Deputy CommissionerJanet Woodcock

Chief of StaffJulia C. Tierney

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) posts its organization chart in Portable Document Format (PDF) for viewing and downloading.

The FDA protects the public health by ensuring the safety, security, and efficacy of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, the Nation's food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation. The FDA also advances the public health by accelerating innovations to make medicines more effective and by providing the public with accurate and science-based information on medicines and food to improve health. The agency plays a significant role in the Nation's counterterrorism capability by ensuring the security of the food supply.

Sources of Information

Animal and Veterinary Recalls

The FDA posts animal and veterinary recall information—brand name, date of recall, company name, product description, and the reason or problem—on its website.

Archived Records

The "Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives of the United States" indicates that FDA records have been assigned to record group 88.


Biological products include allergenics, blood and blood components, gene therapy, recombinant therapeutic proteins, somatic cells, tissues, and vaccines. Biologics can be composed of nucleic acids, proteins, or sugars, or complex combinations of these substances, or may be living entities such as cells and tissues. They are isolated from a variety of natural sources—animal, human, and microorganism—and may be produced by using biotechnology and other recent technologies.

Birth Control

The FDA has posted a birth control chart that contains information about different options for avoiding pregnancy.

Career Opportunities

The FDA relies on attorneys, biologists, chemists, consumer safety officers, engineers, information technology specialists, medical officers, microbiologists, pharmacists, pharmacologists, statisticians, and other professionals, to carry out its mission.

In 2020, the FDA ranked 80th among 411 agency subcomponents in the Partnership for Public Service's Best Places To Work Agency Ranking.

Cell Phones

The FDA and Federal Communications Commission share the regulatory responsibilities for regulating cell phones. The FDA has posted four simple steps to minimize exposure to radio frequency energy when using a cell phone.


The FDA describes cigarettes with three words: attractive, addictive, and deadly. Cigarettes are designed to be attractive and addictive. The FDA's infographic "How a Cigarette is Engineered" explains the role design plays in attraction and addiction.


The FDA posts science-based health and safety information that consumers may find helpful.

Contact Information

Contact information and resources are posted on the "Contact FDA" web page.


The FDA posts answers to questions that consumers frequently ask about cosmetic safety and regulation on its "Cosmetics FAQs" web page.


The FDA maintains drug databases and has a lot to say about drug safety.

En Español

Important sections of the FDA's website are available in Spanish.

FDA press announcements are available in Spanish.

Federal Register

Documents that the FDA recently published in the Federal Register are accessible online.


The FDA has a lot to say about food safety and healthy foods.

Foodborne Illnesses

The FDA regulates human and animal food. It also posts information on recent outbreaks of foodborne illness.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The FOIA requires of the FDA to disclose records that any person requests in writing; however, some records (or parts of them) may be shielded by one or more of the nine disclosure exemptions that the law contains.

Before submitting a formal FOIA request in writing, please search for the desired information in the electronic reading room. Records containing the desired information may be posted already on the FDA website, and, therefore, they may be accessible immediately and free of charge.

Medical Devices

The FDA gives advice on medical devices and has a lot to say about safety and recalls.

Press Announcements

The FDA posts press announcements.

Radiation-Emitting Products

The FDA has posted a table containing examples of radiation-emitting products and a diagram showing the overlap of FDA enforcement authorities for these products.

Recalls / Market Withdrawals / Safety Alerts

Information from press releases and other public notices on certain recalls of FDA-regulated products is collected and posted online.

Social Media

The FDA has a Facebook account.

The FDA tweets announcements and other newsworthy items on Twitter.

The FDA posts videos on its YouTube channel.