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International Finance Corporation

Headquarters: 2121 Pennsylvania Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20433


PRESIDENTDavid R. Malpass
Managing DirectorMakhtar Diop

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a World Bank Group institution, was established in 1956 to promote productive private enterprise in developing member countries.

The Corporation pursues its objective principally through direct debt and equity investments in projects that establish new businesses or expand, modify, or diversify existing businesses. It also encourages cofinancing by other investors and lenders.

Additionally, to developing member countries, the IFC provides advisory services and technical assistance in capital market development, corporate restructuring, foreign investment, and privatization.

Sources of Information

Articles of Agreement

The official version of the IFC Articles of Agreement is the English version that each member country signs. Translations of the official version are available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.


In 2013, the IFC helped transform the green bond market by issuing a 1 billion dollar global benchmark green bond. The IFC is currently investing in the Green Cornerstone Bond Fund, which buys green bonds issued by banks in Africa, Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. The Green Cornerstone Bond Fund is a partnership involving the IFC and the European asset manager Amundi.

Career Opportunities

The IFC posts career opportunities.


The IFC is increasing its climate-related investments to address climate change—a fundamental threat to development, with the potential to impact millions, threatening agricultural livelihoods, increasing the incidence of natural disasters and affecting water, energy, and food supplies.

Contact Information

General information is available on the IFC's website.


The IFC operates in more than 100 countries.


The IFC's areas of expertise include agribusiness and forestry; financial institutions; funds; health and education; infrastructure; manufacturing; oil, gas, and mining; public-private partnerships; telecoms, media, and technology; and tourism, retail, and property.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The IFC posts answers to FAQs online.


The IFC raises funds for lending activities by issuing debt obligations in international capital markets. IFC borrowings are diversified by country, currency, source, and maturity to enhance flexibility and cost effectiveness.


Opened in 1956 with $100 million in capital, the IFC has been creating jobs and raising living standards for six decades.


The "Communications Contacts" page contains communications and public affairs contact information, as well as contact information associated with IFC accountability and the various spheres of IFC expertise and regional activity.

Organizational Chart

The IFC posts its organizational chart in Portable Document Format (PDF) for viewing and downloading.

Press Releases

The IFC posts press releases in Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Montenegrin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tajik, Turkish, and Ukranian.


A search tool allows visitors to search IFC publications by language, region, and topic. The advanced option allows users to refine their search by IFC department, industry, and publication type.

Social Media

The IFC has a Facebook account.

The IFC tweets announcements and other newsworthy items on Twitter.

The IFC posts videos on its YouTube channel.


The IFC posts stories highlighting the achievements of its clients who affect people’s lives in a favorable and notable way.


The IFC partners with industry and other stakeholders to find ways that open opportunities for economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable private investment.