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Federal Highway Administration

1200 New Jersey Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20590


ADMINISTRATORStephanie Pollack, Acting

Deputy AdministratorStephanie Pollack
Executive DirectorThomas D. Everett

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) was established as an agency of the Department of Transportation by the Department of Transportation Act (49 U.S.C. 104). Title 23 of the United States Code and other supporting legislation authorize the Administration's various activities.

The FHWA improves mobility on our Nation's highways through national leadership, innovation, and program delivery. The Administration works with Federal, State, and local agencies as well as with other stakeholders and partners to maintain and improve the National Highway System, which includes the Interstate System and other roads of importance for national defense and mobility. The FHWA works to increase the National Highway System's safety and to minimize its traffic congestion. The FHWA ensures that America's roads and highways remain safe, technologically up-to-date, and environmentally friendly.

Through surface transportation programs, innovative and traditional financing mechanisms, and new types of pavement and operational technology, the FHWA helps people and goods move more efficiently throughout the Nation. The Administration also improves the efficiency of highway and road connections to other modes of transportation. The Federal-aid Highway Program's budget is primarily divided between Federal-aid funding and the Federal Lands Highway Program.


Federal-aid Highway Program

The Federal-Aid Highway Program supports State highway systems, providing financial assistance for the construction, maintenance and operations of the Nation's 3.9 million-mile highway network, which includes the Interstate Highway System, primary highways, and secondary local roads. The FHWA implements the Federal-aid Highway Program in cooperation with State and local governments.

Federal Lands Highway Program

The Office of Federal Lands Highway promotes effective, efficient, and reliable administration for a coordinated program of Federal public roads and bridges; protects and enhances the Nation's natural resources; and gives transportation access to Native Americans. The Office provides financial resources and engineering assistance for public roads that meet the transportation needs of Federal and Indian lands. These services are provided in all 50 States, Puerto Rico, U.S. Territories, and the District of Columbia through the Office's Headquarters and its eastern, central, and western Federal Lands Highway division offices.

Sources of Information

All-American Roads / National Scenic Byways

America's Byways—which include the National Scenic Byways and All-American Roads—is an umbrella term referring to the collection of 150 roads that the Secretary of Transportation selects for inclusion based on distinctiveness and diverseness.

Business Opportunities

FHWA programs generate a large number of contracting and procurement opportunities.

The Office of Acquisition and Grants Management manages most FHWA contracting opportunities. Phone, 202-366-4232.

Career Opportunities

The FHWA operates offices throughout the country and hires professionals with expertise in a variety of fields to carry out its mission.

The FHWA consistently ranks high among agency subcomponents in the Partnership for Public Service's Best Places To Work Agency Rankings.

Core Topics

The "Core Highway Topics" Web page features a topical, alphabetical list. The topics are categorized according to nine headings: environment, Federal and Indian lands, highway funding, international, research and technologies, road operations and congestion, roads and bridges, road users, and safety.


The "Air Quality and Climate Change Highlights" newsletter is available on the FHWA Web site.

Federal-Aid Essentials

Federal-aid Essentials offers an online library of informational videos and resources for local public agencies. Each video addresses a single topic and condenses the complex regulations and requirements of the Federal-aid Highway Program into basic concepts and illustrated examples.

Field and Division Offices

The FHWA comprises a headquarters office in Washington, DC; a Federal-aid division office in each State, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia; four metropolitan offices—Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia—that serve as extensions of the corresponding Federal-aid division offices; and three Federal Lands Highway division offices.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The FOIA establishes a presumption that records in the possession of agencies and departments of the Federal Government's executive branch are available to the public. The statute sets standards for determining when Government records must be made available and which records may be withheld. It also gives information seekers specific legal rights and provides administrative and judicial remedies when access is denied. Most importantly, the FOIA requires that Federal agencies provide, to the fullest extent possible, access to and disclosure of information pertaining to the Government's business.

The FHWA maintains an electronic FOIA reading room. It contains records that are often requested under the statute.


The FHWA Web site features a glossary of transportation planning terms and acronyms.


The FHWA Web site features a general highway history.


The FHWA's Web site offers a trove of information on the following infrastructure topics: asset management, bridges and structures, construction, design, Federal-aid Program administration, Federal-aid programs and special funding, geotechnical, hydraulics, pavement, preservation, and transportation performance management.


The FHWA research library is located in the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center in McLean, VA. It is open on weekdays, excluding Federal holidays, 7:30–4 p.m. Phone, 202-493-3172. Fax, 202-493-3495. | Email:

Each FHWA office maintains accessibility information that relates to its own program. The accessibility resource library supports the effort to organize information relating to the Americans with Disabilities Act and other accessibility resources that may affect FHWA projects.


The FHWA posts press releases, as well as photos and videos, speeches and testimony, on its Web site and YouTube channel.

Resource Center / Technical Service Teams

The FHWA's technical service teams are organized into 12 activity areas: air quality, civil rights, construction and program management, environment and realty, finance services, geotechnical, hydraulics, operations, pavement and materials, planning, safety and design, and structures. Contact information for these teams and information on their activities, products, and services are available online in the Resource Center.

Social Media

The FHWA tweets announcements and other newsworthy items on Twitter.

The FHWA maintains a page on Facebook.

The FHWA posts videos on its YouTube channel.

Staff Directories

The headquarters organizational directory, key field personnel directory, and Washington headquarters fax numbers are available on the FHWA's Web site.


The FHWA provides technical assistance to local, regional, and State transportation agencies to help them enhance sustainability, improve resilience, and reduce energy use and emissions on the Nation's highway system.

For further information, contact the Federal Highway Administration, Office of Public Affairs, 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE., Washington, DC 20590. Phone, 202-366-0660.