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International Trade Administration

Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230



Enforcement and ComplianceChristian Marsh, Acting
Global MarketsDale N. Tasharski, Acting
Industry and AnalysisAnne Driscoll, Acting

U.S. and Foreign Commercial ServiceDale N. Tasharski, Acting

The International Trade Administration (ITA) was established on January 2, 1980, by the Secretary of Commerce to promote world trade and to strengthen the international trade and investment position of the United States.

The International Trade Administration's statement of organization was published in the Federal Register on January 25, 1980 (45 FR 6148).

The Under Secretary for International Trade heads the ITA, coordinating all issues concerning trade promotion, international commercial policy, market access, and trade law enforcement. The Administration is responsible for U.S. Government nonagricultural trade operations, and it supports the U.S. Trade Representative's efforts to negotiate trade policy.

Enforcement / Compliance

The Office of Enforcement and Compliance defends American industry against injurious and unfair trade practices by administering U.S. antidumping and countervailing duty trade laws. The Office also ensures the proper administration of foreign trade zones and advises the Secretary on establishment of new ones; oversees the administration of the Department's textiles program; and administers programs governing watch assemblies and other statutory import programs.

Global Markets

The Global Markets unit assists and advocates for U.S. businesses in international markets. Relying on a network of trade promotion and policy professionals located in over 70 countries and 100 U.S. locations, the unit promotes U.S. exports, especially those of small and medium-sized enterprises; advances and protects U.S. commercial interests overseas; and attracts investment from abroad into the United States.

Industry / Analysis

The Manufacturing and Services unit advises on domestic and international trade and investment policies affecting the competitiveness of U.S. industry. It also researches and analyzes manufacturing and services. Based on this analysis and interaction with U.S. industry, the unit Secretary develops strategies, policies, and programs to strengthen U.S. industry competitiveness domestically and globally. The unit manages an integrated program that includes industry and economic analysis, trade policy development and multilateral, regional, and bilateral trade agreements for manufactured goods and services; administers trade arrangements with foreign governments in product and service areas; and develops and provides business information and assistance to the United States on its rights and opportunities under multilateral and other agreements.

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Trade data and export and import statistics are available online.


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For further information, contact the International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce, Washington, DC 20230. Phone, 202-482-3917.