Office of Management and Budget

New Executive Office Building, Washington, DC 20503


DIRECTOR Mick Mulvaney
Deputy Director Thomas M. Reilly, Acting

Controller, Office of Federal Financial Management (vacancy)
Deputy Director, Management Dustin S. Brown, Acting
Executive Associate Director (vacancy)
General Counsel (vacancy)
Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (vacancy)

Office of Federal Procurement Policy (vacancy)
Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Dominic J. Mancini, Acting


Budget Kelly A. Kinneen, Acting
Legislative Reference Matthew J. Vaeth
Management and Operations Sarah W. Spooner

Communications John S. Czwartacki
Economic Policy (vacancy)
Education, Income Maintenance and Labor John W. Gray
General Government Programs Kathleen L. Kraninger
Health Joseph L. Grogan
Information Technology and E–Government (vacancy)
Legislative Affairs Jonathan A. Slemrod
National Security Programs Robert B. Blair
Natural Resource Programs James P. Herz
Performance Management (vacancy)

The Office of Management and Budget evaluates, formulates, and coordinates management procedures and program objectives within and among Federal departments and agencies. It also controls the administration of the Federal budget, while routinely providing the President with recommendations regarding budget proposals and relevant legislative enactments.

Organizational Chart

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB), formerly the Bureau of the Budget, was established in the Executive Office of the President pursuant to Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1939 (5 U.S.C. app.).

The Office's primary functions are diverse and many: to assist the President in developing and maintaining effective government by reviewing the organizational structure and management procedures of the executive branch to ensure that the intended results are achieved; to assist in developing efficient coordinating mechanisms to implement Government activities and to expand interagency cooperation; to assist the President in preparing the budget and in formulating the Government's fiscal program; to supervise and control the administration of the budget; to assist the President by clearing and coordinating departmental advice on proposed legislation and by making recommendations effecting Presidential action on legislative enactments, in accordance with past practice; to assist in developing regulatory reform proposals and programs for paperwork reduction, especially reporting burdens of the public; to assist in considering, clearing, and, where necessary, preparing proposed Executive orders and proclamations; to plan and develop information systems that provide the President with program performance data; to plan, conduct, and promote evaluation efforts that assist the President in assessing program objectives, performance, and efficiency; to keep the President informed of the progress of activities by Government agencies with respect to work proposed, initiated, and completed, together with the relative timing of work between the several agencies of the Government, all to the end that the work programs of the several agencies of the executive branch of the Government may be coordinated and that the moneys appropriated by the Congress may be expended in the most economical manner, barring overlapping and duplication of effort; and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the procurement processes by providing overall direction of procurement policies, regulations, procedures, and forms.

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